Consulting services

Braemar Estates provides experience, advice and practical solutions to landlords, property owners, residential management companies or occupiers in relation to all aspects of residential / mixed-use property management.

The company has a keen understanding of customers’ property needs as many of our staff have worked in the industry previously, for managing agencies, property development or owner occupiers prior to joining Braemar.

If the experience of managing residential and mixed-use property is new to your organisation, it may prove difficult to find no-nonsense advice which duly considers all aspects of the lease, landlord and tenant and other stakeholders’ perspectives. We believe that this is the primary difference between us and other consultancies providing guidance on the management of residential and mixed-use buildings.

We can also provide advice and “hands on” management experience in all aspects of the provision of core services; for example, insurance, regulatory compliance, mechanical and electrical engineering, operation and maintenance, cleaning and security.

We can also provide assistance with service charge budgets to ensure they are competitive whilst allowing for high standards in service delivery and in full accordance and compliance with the RICS Code of Practice, the requirements of the individual leases and current legislation.