New developments

At Braemar Estates we have extensive experience in the management of new developments.

We understand and appreciate the importance of having a managing agent on board who can ensure a smooth transition from building site to residential development. 

Services include:

  • Highly experienced property managers who provide dedicated management to newly or partly built developments
  • Involvement from the pre-development phase with advice on key issues such as:
    - the lease and structure
    - service charge budgeting and schedules
    - staffing requirements
    - security
    - phasing in of services
  • Preparation of service charge budgets at an early stage 
  • Liaison with the developer over the handover of the management to the leaseholders 
  • Assistance with service contracts, staff recruitment and insurance, as well as many legal formalities such as management company formation

We believe that by being involved early in the development process, costly mistakes can be avoided and the site can be managed professionally to the benefit of both residents and the developer.