Testimonial 1

“I have no hesitation in recommending Braemar Estates as a Managing Agent. Three years ago the Sand Aire House Private Residents’ Association (SAHPRA) committee, of which I am Chair, decided that our previous managing agents needed to go and we researched a range of possible contenders. We arranged interviews and selected Braemar Estates as the clear winner.

Braemar Estates have proved to be an excellent choice both for our leaseholders and for the committee. Leaseholders have been able to contact Braemar Estates or their Out-of-Hours service easily and have been pleased with the promptness of their replies and that they have been kept informed as to the progress of their query. Leaseholders have specifically mentioned the ease of using the on-line system, the information that it offers and the ease of making payments. They have also commented on the improvement in the day-to-day running of our development as well as its general maintenance and cleanliness.

SAHPRA committee members are equally happy: they have held regular meetings with senior members of Braemar Estates’ staff and were particularly pleased to have Robert Dean and other colleagues in attendance at our AGM. Braemar Estates have also helped the committee work through several awkward situations that have required specialist knowledge and have always been available with informed, positive responses and, where necessary, direct help.”

Robin Cope, Chairman
Sand Aire House Private Residents’ Association (SAHPRA)


Testimonial 2

“Braemar Estates were appointed as Managing Agent for our scheme in Fulham with a clear remit to resolve several legacy issues at the development. In just over a year Braemar Estates have been able to collect historic unpaid service charges, resolve the outstanding Health and Safety issues on site and assist us with the management of an abandoned flat within the development. Thanks to Braemar Estates’ excellent property management team, communication with leaseholders has never been better and the development is fully compliant with current legislation.

Braemar Estates’ property manager keeps us fully in touch with what is going on at the site and leaseholders have been able to look forward to long awaited upgrades to communal areas going ahead.”

Susan Dougall
Senior Surveyor, Property & Asset Management
Cushman & Wakefield LLP


Testimonial 3

"Braemar Estates have acted as managing agents for Buckswood Grange, Uckfield, East Sussex for the last 5 years. They are responsible for handling all aspects of maintenance for the main house and its extensive formal gardens and woodland. They agree with the management company's board of directors the annual service charge to be collected from each of the 22 properties based on projected expenditure for the coming year. During the course of the year they provide the directors with a quarterly statement of expenditure and also attend our board meetings of which there are 4 each year so that any specific problems that may occur can be fully discussed.

I have been extremely impressed with the service we receive from Braemar and their dedication to maintaining the fabric of our Grade II Listed building and ensuring that our garden and grounds are professionally maintained.

Peter Wilson
Chairman, Board of Directors
Buckswood Grange Flat Management Ltd


Testimonial 4

"I have worked with Braemar Estates now for two years and have always found their communication is second to none. They are very professional and personable and genuinely care about their developments and the people that reside within them.

The property managers have a very hands on approach and the lessees that I speak to know their individual property manager and credit controller. They make my job a very easy one and I am really pleased that their hard work has been recognised at the ARMA-Q Award."

Helen O'Shaughnessy
Brethertons Solicitors


Testimonial 5

“At Clapham One, Cathedral Group has delivered an award-winning public private partnership project alongside United House and the London Borough of Lambeth. The £85m scheme includes a new state-of-the-art library, medical centre, leisure centre and 199 residential apartments. Braemar Estates has taken a positive and active approach to the management of these complex, multi-user buildings. The team’s commitment to continuous improvement together with tight control of cost and safety measures means that the quality of facilities, service and user experience improves long after the development reaches completion.”

Alex Phillips


Testimonial 6

"At One Park West, Grosvenor have exacting standards for their flagship £70m residential scheme within Liverpool ONE, and Braemar have exceeded expectations  in taking over the management at the building. 

raemar’s attention to detail on accounting and technical matters have helped us in our continual desire to raise the standards at the building, whilst controlling costs and maintaining a safe environment for the residents and staff.

We are pleased that Braemar are part of the team employed at the building and we hope to grow the relationship elsewhere within our estate.”

Guy Butler


Testimonial 7

"It comes as no surprise to me to learn that Braemar Estates has reached the milestone achievement of having £1bn assets under  administration, and it has been a pleasure to have been involved with the business as it has grown consistently over the past few years.  Beetham's involvement with James and his team on large scale residential towers, which we have developed, has been extremely positive and their lettings department has consistently delivered excellent levels of occupancy, achieving rental growth ahead of RPI across our portfolio.

I'm sure the business will continue to be successful and develop over the coming years and I wish them every success."

Hugh Frost
Beetham Organization Ltd


Testimonial 8

 “I contacted Braemar Estates with regards to a disturbance issue in my flat in Beetham Tower that had escalated over a few months. Unfortunately one resident was continually hosting noisy parties, which was disturbing not only me but other residents in the building.

After raising the issue it was efficiently dealt with by Tom Dugdale and the team at Braemar, who had in fact already started to formally log complaints about the tenant.  Tom informed me that he had been in contact with the landlord of the tenant in question through Braemar’s lettings business, and that they would be moving out in a few weeks.

I was thoroughly impressed by Braemar’s speed in responding to this issue and the way in which their block management and lettings teams worked together to get the outcome we all wanted. They provided an excellent service to ensure the prompt removal of this tenant. Well done!”

Nick Payne


Testimonial 9

"Braemar Estates manage three of our developments in the North West.  They are all maintained to a very high standard of cleanliness and repair.  Communication with Maro as developer/freeholder and with the residents is always prompt, appropriate and professional.

Braemar really seem to care about customer service and go the extra mile to deal with all the issues that arise with skill and care.  If something happens at one of our sites, I know that Braemar will have it covered, so I don’t have to worry.
I would have no hesitation in recommending their services."



Roger Holman
Head of Estates
Maro Developments Limited


Testimonial 10

"Many thanks for the update regarding the access hatches for flues.  I’d just like to put on record my thanks for your efforts in ensuring Shapley Court is run so efficiently as a block.  I am a full time landlord with over 50 properties in the North West and am very impressed with how the agents run this block with the Directors."

Jon Bourne
Bourne Lettings Limited